31. What is an Account?  

To use the Maariba platform, users must register to create a user account. These accounts are needed for effective communication. 


2. Who can register on the Maariba Platform?  

Any adult (18years) who is seeking to use the services of artisans as well as Artisans who are seeking to find more and better job opportunities


3. Why should we trust an artisan referred by the Maariba system?

You should trust all our artisans because, they undergo thorough vetting including background security checks. Also, we have details of our artisans’ workshops (location) and contact information of their references. All our artisans are also expected to show their National IDs to clients before they are admitted. When artisans are assigned to clients, their details are shared include their portrait and customers ratings


4. Who is a Service Provider?

They are registered artisans and craftsmen in the Maariba Platform 


5. Who are Service Users?

 They are users of the Maariba Platform for the purpose of finding Service Providers (Artisans and Craftsmen)


6. What is Privacy Policy?

The Maariba privacy policy includes Terms and Conditions of Use of the platform.


7. How do you ensure quality service delivery?

Firstly, the Maariba platform does not only match occupations to jobs but places premium on matching tasks/assignments to the work experience and qualification of artisans. For example, not all carpenters are trained to roof buildings hence roofing jobs only target carpenters that have the skills and qualification to perform that function. Secondly, we have a 3 away transparent communication platform that allows users to easily provide feedback. We have in-house master craftsmen who conduct periodic spot check on artisans. Finally, the feedback we received from service users, helps us to tailor our Artisans Continuous Professional Development Training (CPDT) to fill the skills gap


8. How do you ensure high professional standards among your artisans?

As part of the vetting process, the Maariba artisans also undergo customer relationship trainings. We uphold very high standards hence lateness alone can cause an Artisan to be dropped from the Maariba system. We have a 24/7 active telephone line and a messaging platform for service users to easily make complains about the professional conducts of our artisans and we make sure to address those complains in the best way possible. Generally, our simple message to our valuable service users is that, if an artisan is late or unsatisfactory in his/her job delivery, just cancel the job and the platform will find you a replacement immediately


9. What should be the best way to interact with your Service Providers?

  • Verify their IDs before letting them in,
  • Take note of their ratings on the App,
  • Never leave an artisan in your home or office alone unsupervised, and
  • Keep a strict worker-employer relationship with the service providers. Be friendly and polite to them but never entertain an informal relationship as these could breed contempt


10. Do Service Users get charged for using the Maariba platform?

Currently, searching for artisans on the Maariba platform is free of charge. Service workmanship are directly negotiated with the Service Providers. Note that service users need to have mobile data in order to use the Maariba mobile APPs. Users telephone service providers may charge them for either calling or sending SMS to us.


11. Do Service Providers pay any user fees?

Yes, our Services providers are expected to pay subscription fees (Monthly, quarterly, Semi-annually and Annually) and fixed commission rates for each job they recieved through Maariba. Service Providers with active subscription will pay a reduced commission on jobs referrals compared to Providers with in active subscriptions. See commmission breakdown below:

  • Service Providers with active subscription: Pay 5% commission of Workmanship for each job they receive through Maariaba
  • Service Providers with inactive subscription: Pay 10% commission of Workmanship for each job they receive through Maariaba

12. What are the service rates of your artisans?

The rates depends on the qualification of the artisans:

Class Average Daily rate Average Hourly rate

*Fixed Tnt 

Basic Artisans GHC 90 GHC 15 GHC 10
Intermediate Artisans GHC 130 GHC 25 GHC 15
Advance Artisans GHC 170 GHC 35 GHC 20

*The fixed tnt is for the artisan's first visit to the client or project site. This is paid regardles of whether the artisan is assigned the job or not (it is compensation for transportation).

13. Can a Maariba User's account be deactivated?

Yes. This may be at the request of the user. Otherwise, an account can also be deactivated if a user is found to have abused or breached the terms and conditions of the Maariba agreement.


14. Can a User be banned or blacklisted?

Yes, if he or she is found to have abused or breached the terms and conditions of the Maariba agreement. Also, artisans are banned if they received below average customer ratings on 3 consecutive occasions.


15. What are your working hours?

We are a 24/7 platform and work on all days. However, you can only visit our office during official working hours.